Spiritual Lectures

Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel Degree College is not only based on worldly knowledge, it also gave the knowledge of spiritualism the school is based on both worldly and spiritual knowledge. He tells the student about spiritualism, ways of meditation, He Stresses on Happiness i.e. not only worldly happiness but inner happiness. Also he tells that how anyone can get the maximum happiness in life. He tells the students to being the better human beings in this world. He describes the asans of yoga and its benefits. He also tells the students about personality development.

The Spiritual Lectures are not about any particular religion but it is about all the religions. The President Sir has explained the meanings of Jap ji Sahib to the students. He quotes the examples of Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ’s, he also takes the examples from Muslim religions etc.

He tells the students to save the Mother Earth. He also stresses the students to plant more and more trees.